Suppliers using Bascik Transport for their transport needs will be provided with a login to our Web Notes where the following activities can be completed:

  • Production of Consignment Note.
    • Printing Consignment Notes, labels and emailing Bascik dispatch. 
  • View all consignments including those created via our EDI interface.
    • EDI (Electronic Delivery Interface) which allows the submission of Consignments via email or FTP.
  • Create Manifests and email Bascik they are ready.
  • Reporting features (to be added at a later date).

Login from our website –

  • Under “Bascik Services” on the right hand side, in the drop down menu there is;
  • Bascik WebNotes.
    • Choose this option.

Log on

  • Currently there is no way to change your password or request a forgotten password.  You will need to give us a call:  Auckland 09 6222373 or Christchurch 03 343 0001.