Create Manifest

  • Use the date selectors to select a date range, then click the button “Query Jobs”
  • All consignments will be ticked that have not been previously manifested.
  • Click on any “ticks” that you don’t want to manifest.  Once only the consignments you want to manifest are ticked, click “SUBMIT”.  This will create the manifest AND email our despatch with your pick up.
  • Once you have manifested the job, it will no longer show on the manifest create page.
  • To send an automated pick-up email to our dispatch team, you MUST create a manifest.  If you do not create a manifest, our team will not know that your job is ready to be collected.
  • Example of manifest

Manifest Query

  • Once the manifest is created, it will take you directly to the manifest to be able to print it.  Choose to print, and then “x” out of the screen.
  • To look at the manifest, click into Manifest Query. 
  • Choose the manifest you want to look at and click on the manifest number.
  • This will take you into the screen above.
  • From here you can print all con notes on the manifest, all labels and print the manifest (if not previously done).