Date range

  • Data is available for the 6 months up to the end of last month.  Longer periods can be requested to be included if your require this.

Changing date range

  • Use the date selector to change the number of months seen in the graph.  The destinations pie chart shows all the data for the time selected so chnaging the dates to one month you will see the destinations for that month

Date is in US format

  • If date is in US format then change the default language to NZ on your browser then click this link to see how to change your browser settings

Selecting other graphs

  • Use the arrows at the bottom of this page to navigate to other pages
  • Graphs are avaiable for number, weight, cubic, charge and product types

Reset all filters

  • Press F5 to reset all the filters

From and to locations can be selected

  • At the bottom of the graph are a variety of selectors where you can select the From and To locations.  More than one can be selected and the graph on that page will reflect your selection

Selection of parts of a graph

  • You can select a segment of a graph and other graphs will reflect this selection.  eg Dunedin is selected in the pie chart and you can see the deliveries per month to Dunedin

  • With the difot report selecting the section of the graph for lat consignments will show the reasons for that month