FTP (Simple File Transfer) is a convenient way of sending and receiving files.  All of our FTP sites are secured with the customer username and password.  FTPS (secure) is also available using TLS.

Using a web browser

Simply go to ftp://ftp.bascik.co.nz and enter your username and password.  This is limited to viewing the files and you cannot delete or add new files.

Using windows explorer

If you open a file explorer window such as My Computer or Documents and enter ftp://ftp.bascik.co.nz in the address bar at the top, you will be prompted for a username and password.  Your FTP site will then be opened like any other file explorer window and you can drag, drop, delete and add files as required.

Using scripts 

Scripts can be written to automatically move files from the FTP site to your computer or vice versa.  WinSCP.com can be downloaded for this purpose from the internet.

There is a good selection of example scripts on their site https://winscp.net/eng/docs/scripts

Using an FTP program

This is by far the easiest option, there are programs that you can install onto your computer.

  • FileZilla
  • CuteFTP