New Service Offered - BASCIK PRIORITY

From Monday 12th March, Bascik Transport is proud to offer a new service, called PRIORITY.  This will be available to all customers.


As you know, we strive hard to ensure your freight gets through on our normal delivery timetable and as always, this will continue.  The new service is designed for something that is urgent and needs to be delivered “first thing”.  


How it will work:

Customers using Bascik WebNotes, will be able to select PRIORITY by ticking the Priority box on the Job Booking Page.   This will put the word “PRIORITY” across all labels, connotes and the manifest.  It will also alert our dispatch team to the priority.  This freight will move on the quickest method to each appropriate branch.  This will be unloaded at the depot first, put on the first delivery truck for the area and be the first delivery off that truck.  All standard freight will be delivered after that.  While this isn’t a faster commute, it does ensure first and priority delivery.


Non WebNotes customers, who use EDI or IFS (Smart Freight) can request this service via email.


There is a cost to this service; the cost will be 50% of the total freight price, with a minimum charge of $50.00.  This means if the 50% is less than $50, the $50 will be charged.  You will be asked to confirm you accept the additional cost when you check the “priority” box on WebNotes, to ensure it isn’t selected by error.


We hope this new service will be of value to you and your customers, and if you have any questions what so ever, please don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager.

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